October 11, 2007 – 9:29 am by: Tom

A short clip from past-life-recall-4-music

Simple Transitive switching Primer:

A transistor, also known as a Transitive State Resistor is just that, a variable resistor with an output that can be varied by a control voltage. Even though it’s used in many applications as a switch, it’s actually a rather slow device in terms of switching currents. The two general types are the Junction and the Field Effect.

In a Field Effect Transistor, the input is linked to the output directly and controlled via a gate voltage. The FET transistor contains a conductive channel with the field gate partially embedded within the channel (either in the side or on top). In the FET or Field effect transistor the current either flows or is reduced by the field current, depending on it’s basic arrangement and the materials used.

In a Junction Transistor the channel is separated by the gate (usually called the base). This means there are actually two junctions. Input to base and output to base. One can increase or decrease the current through the transistor by altering the base voltage. Usually between the output and the base but having two junctions has advantages at times. Read the rest of this entry »

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Hardware Independent Computing

October 11, 2007 – 9:05 am by: Tom

Of all the things I recall that are of technical interest, this is one of the most poignant.


In deeper galactic places there exists a computer system that is segmented in such a way as to be completely hardware and software independent. Each of the two components of a computing system (Hardware implementation and Software Programming) are dependent. In our current environment, software is totally dependent on hardware meaning you can’t run Mac executable on a PC or Solaris or Sparc etc. In the environment I’m referring to no such limitation exists and it’s nowhere near as difficult to implement as it might seem. Things seem to be already heading in that direction at Intel. I suspect other manufacturers will follow suit. Read the rest of this entry »



October 8, 2007 – 8:46 pm by: Tom

Yet another email quote worth sharing. In response to War and other misunderstandings

Tom, I won’t say that I agree with alot of it, but… Have you ever read the Book Of Mormon? You might be surprised at what you found there.

Yes, I have. I grew up in the same house you did remember?

What does the Book of Mormon have to do with the war in Iraq?
What does the book of Mormon have to do with dishonest people’s choices?
Moroni didn’t make the choices that led to the war in Iraq and neither did Joe Smith. It couldn’t have happened because of Bush alone either. Every person on this planet has to take some responsibility for the war and taking responsibility, in my view, does not mean talking about it or sending wishful thoughts around the planet in the form of pictures. It means learning from past choices. If you believe we have only once chance there is no possibility humanity will survive. The loop is open, meaning you live, try a few things then die. What about learning processes that take longer than a lifetime? What about ongoing development beyond this life?

I’m also not a “Christian”, meaning from an original Christian culture that began a long, long time ago in a place called “Goodson”, very near a place called “Dodson”. I suspect the wars being referred to in the Bible are wars people had with their own selves, especially since none of the places can be validated. I think “Jerusalem” was named AFTER the bible in an attempt to validate it, not before. There was apparently an enormous war between various cultures that took place a long time ago. I think it’s the memory of that horrible war that lingers in many people who were there at the time, in Goodson, and if hanging on to a religious leader works, then it’s a good thing. But, there is a difference between the person who has genuine living intent to continue and grow and develop; a person who will let go of childish ideas when they discover how foolish they are and the person who thinks they can avoid consequences relying on a magic garbage can man to appear and clean them up in an instant. One person has honest intent, the other does not…And religion provides a place for such people to hide for a while. Read the rest of this entry »

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Time to share: War and other misunderstandings

September 26, 2007 – 1:59 pm by: Tom

Another Email excerpt about a request to send war pictures to 100 people.

Regarding the “Support our troops” pictures and chain mail request…



What is this for?

Will 10.000.000 people praying in secret make the war stop?
Why did it even start?
How many people does it take, praying in the dark, to make a dent?

Why not first admit to having voted this liar into office, then ask him to stand down and never vote for such a dishonest person again. Then these people need to ask themselves why they accept such dishonesty in their “leaders”. Isn’t the government there to represent the people? Maybe it does…?
What if the USA that was created 200+ years ago isn’t the same USA that’s here now?
Ok, it’s not. The people that started this country had a reason. That reason seems to have gotten lost. It was never the intent of those people to police the world or try to force other countries to be like us. Read the rest of this entry »


Past Life Recall #14; Gorga Moya
Tita Mountains
Mud Flat City

September 10, 2007 – 9:17 am by: Tom

This is a work in progress. I’ve published it to help me recall and validate. It may be some time before I’m able to continue and some of this may change as I recall further.


Over the past few months I’ve begun to recall having lived in a place called the Gorga Moya Valley. It’s between two mountain ranges that run South to North just above the equator on a planet called Gnash.

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Past Life Recall #13, Despair

August 21, 2007 – 10:14 pm by: Tom

After listening to this song for a while I seem to recall a similar tune from a long time ago. It’s about a man who lost his fiance during a battle, but still hears her words singing in his head. The “White Night” concept, if I recall correctly, came from the fact that a half-clad sentinel wearing silver armor looked white in the dark. They used to have a watchtower with ramps leading between them so the knights could ride in a circle with one side facing outwards. Only black mares were ridden down the ramps wearing leather sidecoats to protect them from arrows or worse… The “knight” was seated atop a black mare and made his rounds wearing only half an armor plating, the side facing the outside for sure.

A Rewrite of a Tori Amos tune titled: Another Mother Revolution
Renamed: Another-nother revolution Read the rest of this entry »

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