Thoughts on Being Human

June 28, 2008 – 12:49 pm by: Tom

From discussions I’ve had while recalling other places.


Where there is need there is purpose…
Where there is purpose there is opportunity…
Where there is opportunity there is choice…


With choice comes action…
With action comes experience…
With experience comes integrity…
With integrity comes independence…
With independence comes awareness…

Awareness satisfies my need
..changing my point of view
…bringing satisfaction in its wake

But none of this is possible without an awareness of the cycle of the living self and the original choice that self made to be, and to become, as long as there is choice.

I am what I am, where I am, when I am, for my own purpose and none other.

I am responsible for all my choices, and all my mistakes regardless of my beliefs, or those of others; no other living thing can choose for me. When responding to opportunity, I always have a choice and in choosing I accept all the consequence of that choice, and all it’s risks as well.



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Gravity accelerator

May 9, 2008 – 8:05 am by: Tom

In previous documents, I’ve described things I’ve experienced prior to being born and living here on Earth. Some of the other things I recall relate to education and technology. Education will be in a separate document.

My initial blurb on technology beings with a description of a device called a Gravitational Accelerator, also known as a Ketik. For a better understanding of those concepts, please read Galaxy Primer. It’s a bit crudely written but it will help with this discussion. And, as with all documents here, this site is still under construction. Additionally, a matter of physics can be helpful along with yellow star as well.

Current scientific thinking:
In current thinking, the effects of gravity are described but not defined or explained in relation to other aspects of reality. And for the most part from what I’ve read, there is no solid provable theory that relates gravity to other forms of radiation. It seems to be based solely on Einsteins work in describing gravity as a surface in space. But such a theory would require gravity itselt to hold the object against the dish shape making it a dubious “theory” at best. Even so, it has served as a description of the effects of gravity, even if it’s accuracy is questionable. Read the rest of this entry »


Galaxy Primer

May 9, 2008 – 8:03 am by: Tom

Our Galaxy has a name and it’s not the Milky Way. The actual name of our Galaxy is Mboona. Mboona is considered an M16 galaxy for specific reasons relating to the number of realms (interior atomic structures) it contains.

Vortex Introduction:
A galaxy is essentially a vortex in space. Other types of vortice exist as we all know. One other type is a gravitational vortex, often associated with the term: black hole. A vortex is a phenomena similar to a hurricane. It’s formed when masses of some kind, acting as a liquid, move past each other. In a hurricane the liquid is the atmosphere around us. In the Universe, the liquid is space itself.

Vortex Formation:
As stable masses of liquid pass each other they form a shear line, Along this shear line forms a plane containing laminar flows. Laminar means “sticky” and it’s the masses attempting to stick to each other that forms the shear line. As with all liquids, they do not exist without other influences and unseen influences are clearly expressed in a vortex. In our atmosphere the rotation of the Earth helps the shear line to form a curl or bend in the line of shear as the masses move past each other. Due to the large pressure differentials involved, the curls can become quite complex. We often see this effect in water, an effect we call “royals“. The curls at the shear line can form complete curves and even a vortex. A vortex forms as an expression of the pressures between moving liquids due to the pressure differential of the liquid at the line of shear. Again, because there are other rotational forces at work, the vortex does not form at exact right angles to the shear line as a linear equation might predict. It’s the other rotational forces involved in our atmosphere that cause a hurricane to form at various angles to the surface of the ocean. Hurricanes are seldom, if ever, exactly perpendicular. The same can be said for a tornado. Tornado’s often form from vertical air movements which result in horizontal lines of shear, however, the tornado is a small effect in relation to the larger rotational effects of the Earth, the Galaxy and even the Universe. Thus a tornado can turn nearly sideways as it spins, driven by air masses moving in various directions, compounded by unseen or unknown additional forces. Read the rest of this entry »


Vaxaphine Vinyl Polymer Lens

December 30, 2007 – 12:15 am by: Tom

I recalled another cool thing this morning relating to photography. it’s called a Vaxaphine vinyl polymer lens.

First a little history on Vaxaform:

There once were some people that traveled to a moon called Subox. On that moon they found caverns filled with a clear looking material that literally disappeared when it was placed on the ground. It’s a mineral polymer that propagates light rather than transmitting it. After some issues getting an assay done, it was discovered to be a naturally occurring mineral that was a by product of a certain bacteria acting on the minerals in the caves. Glass transmits light by means of radiation, meaning that light moves through glass and plastics as a radiation, emerging on the far side in a filtered state. However, this new material was found to propagate light rather than transmit it. Propagation means that it carries the light through the material like an electric current passes through a wire. it’s also reminiscent of another material called cascadium, a physical material that appears nonexistent because it’s internal structure propagates atomic structures. But that’s for yet another post… Read the rest of this entry »


Theme Woes

October 28, 2007 – 12:11 pm by: Tom

This article is obviously out of date. This site now uses the Silver Light theme and I may change it again, as I feel it to be warranted or desired.

Yesterday I started messing with my theme. I like the aqPlus theme for WordPress but it’s just not going to work for my Gallery so, if you clicked on the link to see this as an example, you’re seeing the vslider3 theme, not the aqPlus theme.

Don’t let that dissuade you from looking around. The Flash Your Web sample page can be found in the gallery. Both albums Mixed and Scarlet’s Walk have an “Album Player” link.

Mixed Album Player
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Thanks for visiting.

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Past Life Recall #15
Portagaya (Porta Guya or Portuga)

October 20, 2007 – 4:10 am by: Tom

Portuga hey mochha?

Portch ettcha?

Portecha mooya?

Hoi Porta? (most common form of “do you understand Porta aitch?)

Do any of these generate feelings within you?

In deeper galactic waters are many different languages. For those with enough development there is a way to communicate called the “Portagaya” pronounced either porta gay’a or porta guy’a, or “Portuga”, pronounced as it’s spelled. Different cultures have different entry points but once you make a connection there’s no question it’s real.
The Portaguya is a developmental thing that comes with experience. I’ve begun to understand some of it but I still have a very long way to go. Hearing it reminds me of a circus I saw once with an announcer who could speak fluent in nearly any dialect. His opening Welcome was more noteworthy to me than the circus acts themselves.

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