About ME

My name is Thomas Richard Bailey. I was born most recently in San Diego California in 1959.


I lived my early years in Salt Lake City, Utah. With my parents’ divorce I moved around a bit and eventually settled here in Portland, Oregon. USA. This site is here to chronicle the very strange thing that’s been occurring to me since about 2000 when I first began to recall specific details from a previous life. Since then I’ve been able to continue the process of recall. Some of it sounds rather odd, even to me. However, I’m more than willing to validate what I’ve written, as far as it’s been recalled correctly. Including the bold statements regarding physics, cosmology and chemistry.

I very clearly recall being a father many times beginning with two daughters in South Wales in about 1520. Later I raised a family in The Gorga Moya Valley on a very large (2,000,000 miles circumference) world called Gnash. I taught College Level Latin Philosophy to students for over 20 years at a place called Delta College on a world called Delta very near the Southern most edge of our galaxy. I also very clearly recall technical details of some of the many wondrous devices that have been built in other places, most of which may seem technically out of reach but for us but are very near us in terms of space and distance. One being a ketik; a chemical device that generates gravitational radiation used for interstellar travel. Too far fetched to believe? Start a discussion in email below and I’ll explain it, in painstaking detail if you’ll listen.

I haven’t written more because of an ongoing illness that’s permeated my life beginning in about 1997. As I get older the illness gets less and I’m more able to think clearly and write more. Hopefully I’ll get a chance to share more of the things I’ve recalled, for those who will listen. I’ve become more than aware that many people don’t want to hear what I have to say because it doesn’t exactly match the current “world view” of reality, a view within which most people are totally invested. However, billions of people’s belief’s don’t make reality what it is and wishful thinking didn’t create our Galaxy, the Universe or the Cosmos. It is what it is regardless of our beliefs.

Of most import is the recall about philosophy and relationships. I’ve become acutely aware that when my relationship with my self is accurate, so too are my relationship with the world around me capable of becoming. When my relationships with myself are accurate I’m far more aware of reality as it is. And that is the very purpose of Philo Demento, the origin of Philosophy.

I’ve learned in my short time here that what seems to be missing in the lives of so many of us is a clear, honest, accurate definition of reality, as it really is. That definition is Philosophy. Philosophy is, for me, very simply; my relationship with my environment. I change. My environment changes. But they are each separate, stable, relationally contained, structures. The relationships that are maintained as each change is philosophy. Once we discover philosophy as a structure, we are able to use it permanently in relation to this place in which we all currently exist.

Eventually one must choose to either cling to inaccurate idea of self and environment or change one’s philosophy to match the environment as it is, now. I feel we we are all continually struggling with this process and it’s the very purpose of philosophy; mapping the permanent relationships between our selves, and this place within which we ‘exist’. It’s also the reason so many people are out here in the sifter (Earth) where galactic waters are shallow as is the structure of reality. However, in deeper places, where greater things exist, there also exists greater depth to the atomic matter from which chemistry is constructed.

I am who I am, when I am, where I am, for my own purpose and no other.
-This Academy

I am independent, free, aware and capable. I live, grow, develop, and change. As the environment changes around me so too must I change or become in whole or in part invalid, or an invalid.

I’m now 48 as of September 1st of last year, even if myspace says otherwise. I’m not willing to post more specific details here but I’m open to email conversations and will answer any questions as I’m able and within reason.