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My Past Life Weblog is a new blog (July 2007) dedicated to sharing past life memories and validated recall of events. If you recall being alive before you were born and would like to share a tidbit of your experiences, you’re in the right place. If you believe you were Cleopatra, Mark Anthony or some other famous person, even if you weren’t (and the odds are you weren’t), share what you do recall. I’ve become convinced that past lives present more as feelings than memories and that if you find a way to express the feeling and are willing to accept you might be wrong, you’ll probably find at least some tidbit you are sure is from a past life.
I’ve been able to remember more than tidbits and so can you if you have the desire and honest intent. Hopefully you arrived at this site with a curiosity for life and the willingness to validate reality for what it is rather than what someone tells you, or us, it is.

Are you ready to learn, grow, develop yourself?


Registered users are currently (7/2007) provided a private gallery album and Author privliges on this site. As long as there is sufficient room and no abuse, this will be the default.

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I do require a valid email address to register here and I prefer a more permanent address than a free gmail account. If you don’t have one or would like one here, leave a comment with contact information (a gmail or yahoo address for example) and I’ll contact you with a request form.

Thanks for visiting The Undiscovered Country
-Thomas R Bailey, Administrator/Owner/Operator

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General Information:TUC is located in Portland, Oregon USA and is a privately owned server located in a private place. The server runs Debian etch, Apache 2.2, PHP 5.2 and MySQL 5.0 and also supports Family Web Gallery and Family Genealogy sites.
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