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Past Life Regression

What is a past life regression?

First we need to establish some kind of definition for the term: “regression“. A reputable medical dictionary [1]
says this:

Regress: To return or go back, particularly to return to a pattern of behavior or level of skill characteristic of a younger age. For example, if a three-year-old child begins to regress by losing the ability to control his bowels or speak, that is a cause for medical concern. In reference to a disease, to “regress,” means tending to worsen.

Again, what is past life regression?
My answer:
A past life regression is “typically” a guided meditation session, sometimes called “hypnosis” during which the patient (if the practitioner is a medial professional with a graduate degree) or client (if the practitioner is self schooled or has been instructed) is relaxed and “guided” through recalling events or feelings. Some regressions are little more than music. Others guide you to the answers the author or producer wants you to find, hoping you’ll feel peaceful and relaxed thus “validating” it’s effectiveness. The bottom line is that recall of past lives takes honesty and work. Two things in notably short supply in the realm of “Past Life Regression”. It can’t be done my simply listening to the same tape over and over again. Life is all about change.

Do I need to “regress” to remember my past lives?

My Answer:
The short answer is NO. To “regress” is to compare a previous state of being or event to a current state or event. Does that describe memory? Is recall simply a “regression”? Have I “regressed” in order to recall the events written here?

Do you think the term “regression” accurately applies to the recall of past lives?
If so, how?
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