If everyone is a King…

July 7, 2008 – 4:13 pm Print This Post

If everyone is a King:
Who farms the land?
Who grinds the corn?
Who feeds the birds?
Who hears the crow?
Who likes the girls as they pass by the window?
Who plays the games?
Who bakes the bread?
Who grows the pumpkins?

Who washes the clothes?
Who cooks the food?
Who cares for the young?
Who walks the dog?
Who cleans the barn?
Who shovels manure?
Who lives the life of the aimless wanderer?
Who calls the geese?
Who honks the horn?
Who sings the songs?
Who trims the grass?
Who tends the sheep?
Who walks alone?
Who chats up the neighbor?
Who builds the house?
Who drives the carriage?
Who feeds the horses?
Who listens?
Who plumps the maidens all standing in a row?
Who swims the stream down to the water hole?
Who talks to dad when he gets old?
Who mends the wheel when it’s in a rut?
Who mends the fence, when it’s not up?
Who pounds the steel when it gets hot?
Who shoes the horse, so it won’t rot?
Who lives a life, that’s full of rot?
Who brews the beers?
Who sweats?
Who runs to granny’s, for a nice root beer?

Perhaps there’s value in all these little things that some of us are missing?
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  2. before making a king why you are showing interest in doughts only.

    By karmarkar s.a. on Jan 9, 2010

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