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In previous documents, I’ve described things I’ve experienced prior to being born and living here on Earth. Some of the other things I recall relate to education and technology. Education will be in a separate document.

My initial blurb on technology beings with a description of a device called a Gravitational Accelerator, also known as a Ketik. For a better understanding of those concepts, please read Galaxy Primer. It’s a bit crudely written but it will help with this discussion. And, as with all documents here, this site is still under construction. Additionally, a matter of physics can be helpful along with yellow star as well.

Current scientific thinking:
In current thinking, the effects of gravity are described but not defined or explained in relation to other aspects of reality. And for the most part from what I’ve read, there is no solid provable theory that relates gravity to other forms of radiation. It seems to be based solely on Einsteins work in describing gravity as a surface in space. But such a theory would require gravity itselt to hold the object against the dish shape making it a dubious “theory” at best. Even so, it has served as a description of the effects of gravity, even if it’s accuracy is questionable.

In my Galaxy Primer I described a small bit of what I recall from past life experience as the sub structure of matter, from the Atomic molecule on the outside of matter, to the primary particle on the inside. While I do recall and am becoming aware of much more, I’ll keep this discussion pointed at the description and operation of the basic devices used to both generate and accelerate gravitational radiation. Such devices are used for all kinds of purposes including generating electric current, but the most obvious is lifting objects, transportation and space travel. While science fiction presents the concept of anti-gravity, such a concept fails to express and fully understand exactly what gravity is and in doing so, present a misnomer about its most basic operation and therefore how to manipulate it which is probably why the concept of anti-gravity has become so popular. So, to put it bluntly, what I’m describing here is not any type of anti-gravitational device. To my knowledge no such device exists.

To put it succinctly, Gravity is a very shortwave radiation. To illustrate the basic operation of gravity upon matter, lets examine the basic light engine one can purchase at a science outlet. The device contains a small movable reflector housed in an evacuated glass ball. The wings of the reflector are painted white on one side and black on the other. The white side reflects radiation while the dark side absorbs it. When placed near a source of sufficient radiation, the reflector begins to spin. The greater is the radiation that is reflected by the alternating surfaces, the faster the device spins. While a gravity accelerator doesn’t work in this manner, the device does illustrate how an apparently invisible radiation can be converted from its passive form to a visible, and therefore more useful form such as motion. Light energy operates upon the light engine in very much the same way as gravitational radiation operates upon matter. In fact, it could be stated with accuracy that light radiation contains and expresses many of the same characteristics as gravity, the primary difference being the length of the energy wave, and therefore the specific layer of realty being affected. Light, and other electromagnetic radiation effect the outermost parts of matter, such as the exterior of the atom and it’s super structures (molecules), whereas gravity effects it’s interior sub structures, the parts being studied in CERN Switzerland and France by the super collider and other atom bashing devices. The hope being to better understand the interior structure of the atom and to increase awareness in the process.

Divergence of light:
While Light waves are considered short to us, in the universal scheme of things, light is actually an extremely long wave radiation. The implications of this are obvious when one considers that nearly our entire known concept of reality is based on theories and discoveries made and “Validated” by Einstein. It’s possible, even likely that Einstein was and is, wrong. Especially in his special and extra theories of matter and energy. It’s possible, even likely, that reality is much more complex than Mr. Einstein was able to comprehend or express.

Since one cannot question what one cannot conceive, until the appropriate questions are asked, the mysteries will remain.

Again, succinctly, E does not equal MC2. All energy is not limited to sub-light phenomena and the proof is in the overwhelming body of evidence to the contrary, most poignant and important is, simply put: ME. I don’t match that expression. I’m not simply a mass of atoms swirling from birth to death. To believe such a thing would remove the very impetus for the construction of cities, states, countries, beliefs, religions, libraries and even this very document. Without something more, none of this, none of us matter at all.

I saw an article in a magazine not long ago that stated: “Theory makes faster than light travel possible” This clearly irrational statement illustrates the issue of projection and egotistical thinking of those at the “helm” of the study of physics. Mathematics and formulas don’t “make”, nor do they create, reality. Neither can a LANGUAGE such as mathematics, and mathematics is indeed a language, define or even hope to encompass the entirety of even the outermost, least complex, atomic layer of reality that forms the structures we marvel on a daily basis. Let alone “allow faster than light travel“. Simply put: Energy and matter are not interchangeable, they are not the same thing. Why? Mathematics is a virtual language, it does not describe any reality. It’s a linear extrapolation tool that, while useful in some ways cannot so, it willnot, describe the inverse reality within which we find ourselves. Math is not a miracle, it’s a tool. Use it inappropriately and it’s useless. Like a compass on a ship. Energy is motion at work. Matter is a place to store motion. Since the very existence of motion makes storing it temporary, the entire concept of matter being energy is ridiculous; However, not without merit.

One must experience mistakes to understand truth…
One must understand truth to comprehend reality…
-Hut Lorta McKay

What we think of as matter is a phenomena that we describe without fully understanding or even conceiving it’s actual complexity. I believe we, and I include myself in this as well, do this (project) mostly because we aren’t able to fathom such complexity due to our limited experience and therefore psychological development. And, because our social thinking is based on a concept that refutes the reality of multiple life cycles in favor of a magical creator, the very long term development necessary to gather and integrate the necessary complexity in thinking that would enable us to comprehend such complexity as the subatomic world, seems beyond our capability, even beyond our grasp. For those who mistake Faith for Trust, such thinking leads to hopelessness. For those who feel their own history and accept that life is an ongoing developmental process regardless of social thinking, development becomes a possibility. If for no other reason than “I’m here and I’m not freaking out that I will some day die”, which insinuates there was something before and there will be more later. If there hadn’t been, I wouldn’t be here and life would have no reason or meaning. Therefore, the depths of my own feelings are validation of something more, something beyond, something before and something more to come. The simple fact that dirt can’t talk is evidence, evidence often ignored or overlooked. To many people the introduction of evolution means God or evolution, they can’t both be correct. What if neither is an absolute… Do I need a justification to exist? Am I really GUILTY of someone else’s choices? What if it was our forefathers that influenced the flesh to become what it is, the flesh we now enjoy. Perhaps you were even one of those forefathers in a past life. Perhaps even elsewhere in our cosmos, or even elsewhere in the Eaida.

Thankfully our inability to fathom the depths of the reality around us in no way effect that reality. Our environmental reality is not a psychological construct, generated “on the fly” by our own thoughts as has been presented by some religious and cultural belief systems or desperate religious leader in need of contributions to fund his church and provide him with a place to go every day. I say this because there is no VALIDATION of, or for such a thing. When a person begins to accept the truth, which includes ALL of it’s bits and pieces, not just those defined in a special book or sanctioned by Vatican, Monastery, Monk or Shaikh, about his or her reality, that reality becomes more and more apparent and development continues. When a person becomes more aware of such things as a past life as a Soldier during a life long since passed, personal history and experience seems much more important, useful, valuable, even evidential, and that deep seated feeling that life is worth the effort is again validated. When a person becomes aware of a past life experience: It’s not the reality that’s changed to meet the person, it’s the person that’s changed to include an awareness of the reality. The reality of his own existence.

So, existence is a realty, and so too is experience when it’s applied to the self. And the result is awareness. Awareness is the result of a combination of primary concepts, those concepts being: honesty, experience and trust. There is no substitute for experience. There’s no such thing as a free lunch. Like it or not, that’s the way it is. Not because I say so but because reality is what it is.

The foremost problem I seem to encounter is the belief that we are able to CHANGE REALITY. The truth is we are not. We can rearrange it, mold it, bake it, polymerize it, eat it, shit it, taste it, screw it, drink it, enjoy it, hear it, and even mimic it. But, the environmental reality in it’s entirety that surrounds us is what it is with or without us or our grandiose thinking. And that, my dear reader, is the reason we are all out here. That is the very reason we don’t all recall or know about things we haven’t experience or recall many of the things we have experiences in our past. Awareness is an attribute we must EARN through honesty, trust and experience. There is no substitute. The more we try to take shortcuts, the more screwed up we get and the longer it takes us to figure out the relationship that exists between our own self, our environment, other living things, and all the other people that do exist. But you didn’t need me to tell you that, did you?

Back to a discussion of Radiation… All radiation is a wave, a wrinkle, a moving temporary compression of reality. Radiation is a wave that traverses the inverse (universal) ocean in which we all exist. As such, the length of the wave determines which part of reality is being wrinkled and therefore effected by the wrinkle. Generally speaking, a wave of radiation only affects objects equal to or greater than the wavelength of the radiation in question. An energy wave with a shorter length, will tend to pass through a material that is smaller than the wrinkle. Like a ball rides a wave in the water but a large boat gets pushed by it, or the difference between a sound pressure wave and an electromagnetic wave in the atmosphere. The pressure wave pushes and winkers the molecules of the gas where the electromagnetic wave pushes the atoms, therefore passing through the gas without disturbing it. That’s also why some kinds of radiation can effect molecules by effecting or changing the atoms they are made from. Radiation has some oddities as well. A light reflective material contains molecules that are able to trap and convert some of the radiation from one wavelength to another. The energy builds up within the structure until it’s parts become saturated. It’s then emitted as a separate radiation. While we call it a reflector and from our point of view that’s what it is, it’s not reflecting the exact waves that impact it. Rather it’s absorbing some of the energy and converting it to similar radiation that is then re-emitted. Part of the radiation from light is absorbed by materials, even mirrors. It’s usually converted to heat. But nothing is that absolute so it’s safe to assume that at least some of it escapes as other, unknown forms of radiation. That is, in essence, how light reflective materials are able to present as colors. And that is how gravity works as well, as do nearly all radiant forms of energy.

To fully understand gravity one must first begin to accept that some things that seem impossible or that you’ve been told are impossible, aren’t. When it comes to discovery, your personal experience is your most valuable asset.

A Gravitational accelerator is used primarily for generating or accelerating gravitational radiation. Its effects are, for the most part, exactly what one would expect. It generates a pushing force against nearly all matter in a way similar to the difference between a fence post and a pane of glass to light rays. Glass does interrupt some of the light but most of the light passes through the glass (transmission) whereas a white fence post will absorb and re-radiate most of it. Nearly all matter can be considered a fence post for the purposes of this discussion regarding gravity. But I find it useful to add the caveat that not all matter is equally affected by gravitational radiation.

For most of us the term plasma means hot gas or part of our blood. But to some of us the definition has been refined to include a state of liquid for electrons. There is a story behind the discovery of plasma as an electron liquid, a story I’ll save for later. The short version is that the thing we think of as an atom is really a molecule. It has no specific, singular core. It’s made from smaller and smaller structures and since we classify composite elements as molecules, the atom clearly qualifies. The interior of an atom is unique in that it’s one of the few structures that is fully engulfed by a plasma layer. It’s been illustrated in the past as electron balls spinning around the atom. Lately that concept has been questioned and modified. It’s now believed that what appeared as a ball is really an opening, a hole. It has been suggested that the atom is surrounded by a tightly packed mass of electrons and that the hole we observe (the positron) is the item noted in early drawings and photographs. I’ll go one step further and say that it’s not just a bunch of tiny balls but a thin layer constituting an ocean of liquid. Liquid that is stable under certain conditions.

Research has led some people to fiddle with large electrical current discharges, noting the strange reaction in the environment. A reaction not explained by current physics. Many have noted what’s sometimes referred to as Ball Lightning, manifest as an apparently liquid dispersion that occurs when an enormous current is discharged in the atmosphere. I’m not referring to the heat generated by burning of material emitted from a spark but a clearly visible liquid spurting from a place in space where a large current discharge has just occurred. Of interest is that this phenomenon has also been noted to occur in open space as well. It’s usually accompanied by an odor that’s described as clean or fresh. On rare occasions its been noted that the material seems to evaporate in a shower of blue sparks that dance and arc on the floor as it evaporates. The story behind this discovery from deeper inside the galaxy is that someone built a current discharge device for experimental purposes. A room full of very large capacitors charged to a few volts (millions of joules) and spent much time examining the discharges. Over time and after much experience, this person theorized that the high current discharge was super heating the space around the discharge causing a sudden pressure wave in the underlying space as well as the atmospheric gasses. The pressure wave thought to be caused initially by super heating the atmosphere, was thought to displaced space leaving a low pressure zone and consequently an opening in space. The theory was that this opening then fills with the liquid plasma which is then observed dripping to the floor as it rapidly evaporates. High speed photography seemed to validate this theory which was then formulated to attempt to capture some of it in a stable form. The theory stated that to extract plasma as a material one must cause a spatial vacuum. Not to be confused with a low pressure zone in atmosphere or material but a low pressure zone that acts upon the interior of an atom rather than upon the entire atom or upon molecules.

A large iron ball device was built called a Plasma Vault and after refinement of the theory and building a mechanism to generate the spacial vacuum, a stable ball of plasma was held in the vault for a short time which validated the liquid plasma theory. An effect was also noted during the experiment that hadn’t been noted before, but that many people recognized. An effect I’ll present later. It also sent theoreticians scrambling to explain. Work began immediately that went on to prove that the plasma was indeed a liquid and that it was present in the exterior of not only atomic materials but space as well. Which again sent ripples of disbelief through the scientific community and generated a rift between those interested in reality and those simply manipulating science to validate their own beliefs. When one invests in dishonesty, it must be protected. Some even claimed that what they were observing was a hallucination rather than accept the reality of the discovery. There was even a theft of the device involved before it was finished and tested. In the end, and after a court battle that took place in the laboratory where the stolen device was being held, the woman who had done the actual work prevailed and was granted legal rights to the discovery which she immediately released as a pubic domain work. Having laid some basic groundwork for a working theory of the gravitational accelerator, I’ll leave the details of plasma and it’s continued study for other documents.

A Gravitational Radiation Engine
A Gravitational Accelerator operates by generating very shortwave, gravitational radiation. The direct effect is a pinnacle of radiation that pushes against nearly all matter, and even interacts with many other types of radiation. It operates using a chemical reaction between two important chemicals. The first is a class of chemicals that hasn’t been discovered here yet called ketoprops, the initial chemical being ketopropanol. Ketopropanol is made by placing organic materials into a sealed drum and allowing a series of bacterial reactions to occur similar to the way crude oil is formed. The specific bacterial colonies doing the work are found only in Nonoxic (non oxygen) environments. They work without oxygen to break down organic structures into various organic gaseous formations. These gaseous formations are captured by a special pump and stored in appropriate containers. The engine is made up of a round chamber surrounded by plasma injectors. It contains a mixing chamber in the center, an electromagnetic pump to meter and circulate the chemicals and three, five or seven plasma injectors around it’s exterior. The basic operation is relatively simple. When a Ketoprop is allowed to evaporate it causes a temporary low pressure zone in the surrounding space, a low pressure zone in the space, not in the atmosphere or upon atomic materials. It does this by acting upon the subatomic parts of matter rather than upon the entire atom producing a subatomic vacuum. The effect, if strong enough, produces a low pressure zone up to half a meter or so in diameter such that it encompasses the mixing chamber and the drive ring. The drive ring is a ring around the exterior of the mixing chamber that contains polycarbonate plasma vaults in direct line with the strongest diesperate zone generated by the Ketoprop reaction. As the Ketoprop evaporates, the plasma vaults fill with liquid plasma (electrons). The feed end of the plasma vaults are plugged by a brass valve that can be opened in very small increments. When the valve is opened a small bit, liquid plasma is allowed to enter and mix with the evaporating Ketopropanol or Ketopropane. The result is the generation of copious quantities of gravitational radiation. The radiation is directed outwards using a parabolic shaped plate also known as the shaper or thrust plate located at the front of the mixing chamber. The shaping plate reflects between 5% and 60% of the chamber reaction causing gravitational thrust in one direction. The reflector plate allows 40% or less of the reaction to be directed forward so it can act as an acceleration damping force. Without such acceleration damping, the any craft that used such an engine could do serious damage to its occupants during acceleration.

Gravitational Thruster
Another device that operates on the same principal is the gravitational thruster which uses the same keto reaction to accelerate existing gravitational radiation through a bell shaped ring of sorts. They generally operate in two different modes. The first mode referred to as “soft” mode produces and accelerates ambient gravity producing a fairly soft thrust. The second mode, referred to as “liquid” mode produces an intense output that produces a hard attachment to ambient radiation. Liquid mode allows a craft to much more rapidly alter it’s attitude and course. Previous to the common bell thruster, most craft were considered “tumblers”. In space they essentially used the thrusters to point the main drive engine in the desired direction where it did most of the trusting work.

Keto Props

As discussed above, ketoprop refers to a classification of organic materials having unique properties when allowed to evaporate. The alcohol form; ketopropanol, can be distilled from the batch using an electromagnetic pump to capture and pressurize it into a container. It is liquid only at very high pressures. Ketopropane, on the other hand, is only stable as a liquid in a low pressure zone. It can be captured in the same way and from the same batch as ketopropanol. The difference is that ketopropanol requires several thousand pounds per square inch to keep it in a liquid state. Ketopropane requires about 35 to 60 pounds of vacuum to maintain it’s liquid state. The biggest difference in use is that the propanol form, once used in the engine, is gone. Therefore its more of a traditional fuel than the propane form. The Propane form can be run through an evaporative pump such that it can be used over and over again since none of its active components are consumed during the kethoric reaction. An open engine design uses a small tank of ketopropanol to fuel the reaction chamber and generate gravitational radiation. When all fuel is expelled, the engine quits. A closed design houses a clean vacuole chamber from which all gasses have been purged using SATXP, a highly active acid that forcibly evaporates all gasses from the chamber by physically converting them to a more simple state. It essentially vaporizes them to such a degree that they are released as radiation. Once the chamber has been cleared of all gasses it’s in a state of temporal vacuum and is ready to be charged. Next, the electromagnetic pump is started. The pump issues a very strong electromagnetic field against a spring ball or some other type of valve used to move and pressurize the ketopropane into a small storage chamber. The chamber allows the propane to form a liquid causing a spatial pressure differential. From the chamber it’s then fed trough a very small tubule to a porous injection surface along the interior of the mixing chamber. When the pump is running and the system is fully charged, a nearly constant expulsion of propanol is emitted as a gas through the porous emitting surface into the mixing chamber. The gas is forced along tubule to the emitting surface as a liquid. The evaporation stage causes low spatial vortex to form in the mixing chamber. The outer ring of the vortex aligns with the plasma vaults causing plasma to form liquid plasma. The liquid plasma is then allowed to mix with the evaporating propanol to form gravitational radiation and pressure. The pump then draws the vaporized ketopropane back into the liquid reservoir where it’s then used continually to operate the engine.

Thanks for reading and leave a comment if you feel moved to do so.
-Tom Bailey

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    My guide offered to explain how the technology worked, but half way through I stopped him because I couldn’t understand the technical details – its difficult to download memories when one cannot understand the basic premise.

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