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Our Galaxy has a name and it’s not the Milky Way. The actual name of our Galaxy is Mboona. Mboona is considered an M16 galaxy for specific reasons relating to the number of realms (interior atomic structures) it contains.

Vortex Introduction:
A galaxy is essentially a vortex in space. Other types of vortice exist as we all know. One other type is a gravitational vortex, often associated with the term: black hole. A vortex is a phenomena similar to a hurricane. It’s formed when masses of some kind, acting as a liquid, move past each other. In a hurricane the liquid is the atmosphere around us. In the Universe, the liquid is space itself.

Vortex Formation:
As stable masses of liquid pass each other they form a shear line, Along this shear line forms a plane containing laminar flows. Laminar means “sticky” and it’s the masses attempting to stick to each other that forms the shear line. As with all liquids, they do not exist without other influences and unseen influences are clearly expressed in a vortex. In our atmosphere the rotation of the Earth helps the shear line to form a curl or bend in the line of shear as the masses move past each other. Due to the large pressure differentials involved, the curls can become quite complex. We often see this effect in water, an effect we call “royals“. The curls at the shear line can form complete curves and even a vortex. A vortex forms as an expression of the pressures between moving liquids due to the pressure differential of the liquid at the line of shear. Again, because there are other rotational forces at work, the vortex does not form at exact right angles to the shear line as a linear equation might predict. It’s the other rotational forces involved in our atmosphere that cause a hurricane to form at various angles to the surface of the ocean. Hurricanes are seldom, if ever, exactly perpendicular. The same can be said for a tornado. Tornado’s often form from vertical air movements which result in horizontal lines of shear, however, the tornado is a small effect in relation to the larger rotational effects of the Earth, the Galaxy and even the Universe. Thus a tornado can turn nearly sideways as it spins, driven by air masses moving in various directions, compounded by unseen or unknown additional forces.

Vortice compression:
As with a hurricane, a Galaxy forms in space due to the same type of shearing forces. As a galactic vortex spins it transforms the shearing motion into a rotation which expresses the pressure gradients between the moving masses. The rotation in turn compresses the area around the vortex due to the kinetic energy of it’s weight as it spins, increasing the density of an area between the interior and exterior of the vortex. This area is the toroid and it’s located around the outside of the funnel. The size and shape of the toroid around a vortex provide many useful clues about the influences and pressures within. So, a hurricane will have greater and greater pressure differentials between it’s outer ring and it’s inner ring right up to the “shear line“, the place where the pressure changes drastically. Also known as the “funnel“. At the funnel, the pressure gradients change in the extreme causing what seems to be the “dead calm” at the center of the vortex. In really simple terms, our galaxy is a large, but not huge, spatial hurricane.

Metricular density:
The Galaxy we call Milky Way is an M16 galaxy meaning it contains pressure gradients that increase the density of the surrounding space to form a toroid containing pressure zones. Each zone separates into a virtual envelope of atomic material. We can observe these pressure gradients in the makeup of the atomic structure we see and feel within our galaxy. Our nearest neighbor named Rheesa is much deeper in terms of atomic material, being an M64 galaxy.

Toroidal Oceans:
At the farthest outer edge of the galaxy but still within it’s toroid, is an area in space called an Ocean. Referring to Mboona, An ocean is made up of elemental salts. The outermost ocean in M16 is the Balsic Ocean. It’s made up of a metric (sub atomic from our current point of view) element called Balsam. As we move further towards the center of the galaxy we find a sharp pressure gradient and a rapid change in the density of the space inside that boundary. This boundary is often referred to as the first marker. The area deeper inside the galaxy toroid just beyond the balsic boundary is the: Valtic Sea. The Valtic is a Sea rather than an Ocean. The difference being that an ocean is made of inorganic metrics. A Sea is made of Organic Metrics. The Valtic is therefore an Organic Sea such that it contains organic elements. Organic means simply that the element was part of a living thing. Inorganic means it’s not part of or used in biology or physiology. Selenium is the primary metric in the Valtic Sea while Balsic contains Balsam as it’s primary metric. While a physicist or a cosmologist may argue that space has no elements, I disagree. And my disagreement is based on experience, not conjecture. Space is not empty at all. It is essentially a tiny particle with no measurable atomic surface on it’s exterior. Therefore it appears to us as it it’s invisible, for the most part. But, as such, it can be compresses and we see the result all around us. Space is also sometimes referred to as “Cascadium” in older references. Atoms are the icing on the cake, so to speak. A cake that begins with a very tiny little thing called a “Primary Particle“.
See: A matter of physics

A primary particle is a crystal with a lattice structure. It’s a very tough little crystal that resonates when it’s infused with motion or “energy“. The resonance (ringing) of the primary particle is what generates the various forms we see through a process called “stratification“. Stratification occurs as a result of standing waves within the atomic structure. Looking from the outside-in, Initially at the atomic level but at the subatomic level as well. As one thinks about it another question becomes apparent. If this tiny little crystal is ringing and causing the structure of an atom to form, what material is it that’s being resonated to form the atom? The answer is the great “Inverse” ocean; the Universal Ocean within which all known realities exist. The material makeup referred to as the “Inverse Ocean” is relatively unknown. But we do know that it behaves mostly like a liquid. This means that we all exist within an enormous ocean of extremely fine “liquid” material. The very material from which our bodies are made. It’s the interior of the atom that forms the inverse into all the various and sundry elements, molecules, compounds, mixtures, solutions etc… So, assuming we live in the Inverse Ocean and are made of atomic particles that resonate within it, it’s safe to further assume that the interior of the atom, as an observer comes closer to it’s center, contains increasingly greater levels of energy (aka: motion). This motion exhibits itself as standing waves which form layers. The outermost layer we call the atomic cap.

The next inner layer is called the Familial layer because of the way the “particles” behave in relation to each other. It contains protons, neutrons, annions and uunions. To the linear thinker this increase in energy must be linear as well. However, the reality, based on actual measurements, is a factorial increase between the layers of an atom, not simply a square, cube or some other “evenly divisible” unit. The most important implication for this is that Mathematics cannot be used to discover such a reality, only to extrapolate and predict what is already known with limited precision. While I applaud the current string theories that attempt to explain the universe in a single equation, I know for a fact it can’t be done. The universe is NOT LINEAR, it’s UNIQUE which means it’s unpredictable. Mathematics does not exactly describe any reality. It’s a digital virtual language making it incapable of describing the complexity of relationships in a comples, unique reality.  Mathematics is a language of linear prediction (two dimensional) and although it can be used to describe some aspects of a reality, it cannot fully explain it. To describing the complex relationships that exist within a physical reaity we need a more appropriate language like Philosophy. And that’s my blurb on reality, for now… ‘ I’m working on an article specifically about Philosophy and I’ll try to update this post when it’s finished. I’ll call it simply “Philosophy” and it will be under the category “Past LIfe Weblog”.

The Galaxy was first explored by ships built by people, human beings, who have developed themselves to a greater depth of spirit & awareness which enables them to live deeper within this Galaxy, and many others. The development of a being consists of various context layers. We use contexts as a protection. If we pass in one context, it limits our risk, so we don’t loose our entire self. All of us have an underlying structure. Most of us think of it as “spirit“. I recall it as “Base Physiology” the part of us we experience when we loose our biology; when we die. Death is a transitive state of being. While it may appear that each of us is made from, and therefore part of, the universe around us. Only a part of us really is. More on that if it becomes desirable. We are in and of ourselves, unique realities. I am a unique reality. I have all the components necessary to form and maintain my own reality. As such, I am unique. Deeper in the Galactic proper are places, things, names, feelings, shapes, people, concepts, relationships, and many other things that many of us have experienced. Things that we may not be able to recall at the moment. But, even if you can’t recall it, you can FEEL it. And that is how one experiences one’s past lives until one reaches a developmental point from which one is capable of recalling and integrating one’s past experiences into one’s conscious, waking self. It’s a bit like being down in a valley, unable to see beyond the mountains or hills that surround us until we get tall enough. Then we become able to see beyond the hills to the plains beyond. Many of us have been to these deeper places between our lives here and some of us are are able to recall our past as we develop our “spirit” selves. I’ve recently begun to become aware of such a developmental state and would like to share it with any of you who will listen. No special belief system is necessary. If you don’t believe what I’ve written or can’t validate it within your own self, Don’t! My thoughts aren’t a requirement for your development. My ideas don’t exist for you alone, but for me. My choices are mine and mine alone. Not yours. I cannot choose for you and you cannot choose for me. I am ultimately responsible for ALL my choices, regardless of any reason or justification.
I am what I am, where I am, when I am, for my own existence and for no other purpose.
-This Academy

Great Sailing Ships, beginning with the first to ply the Valtic Sea:

The Useless:
the initial ship, made from iron and lead, was the first ship to attempt space travel. It went only a few thousand feet when the pilots discovered they were being burned by some kind of acid that was forming on the interior of the hull. It turned out that their breath was forming an acid as it condensed. They returned it to it’s mooring, christened it the Useless and began pounding it with sledge hammers to express their frustration. As part of the expression of frustration they painted various insults upon it’s surfaced and pounded it more. Someone noticed that the metal beneath the paint had become tempered and hardened and was intrigued. To shorten the story, the lead in the paint was being hammered into the iron changing it’s structure to a metal known as “Tin-Hammered-Iron“. A type of cross between iron and lead. The discovery led to a new way of tempering the hull of the ship and plans for the next ship were in full swing. Hundreds of people spent countless hours hammering thin strips of lead against an iron hull to form it into the tempered material that eventually made the next great ship.

The Dauntless:
was the first successful ship to ply the Valtic Sea. It was made from tin-hammered iron. While out here in the Balsic, hammering lead upon iron makes a mess, in deeper space lead can be hammered against iron causing a sympathetic reaction. The two combine at a subatomic level forming Tin-hammered-iron. A unique tempered metal formula that can only be made by hammering lead upon iron with a sledge hammer. It’s noisy, hard work but the effect is miraculous, to say the least.

The Curious:
A ship I recently recalled while reading this again. The curious was built third in line, named so because it was the first ship able to do much exploration in space. The curious was also manned with a huge array of various testing equipment and was the first ship to gather enough data to verify the density changes apparent in space.

The Faceless:
Named so for it’s lack of prejudice. The dauntless crew excluded the very people who discovered the process that made it possible. There was an uproar and it’s crew was finally able to set aside their prejudice. It was an Asian Man and A Black man that discovered how to hammer lead into Iron to form Tin-Hammered-Iron.

The Shitless:
Named for it’s lack of bathroom facilities as it was the first ship to spend any appreciable time in space.

The Faultless:
Because they knew it was not and wanted to be reminded!

The Shereesea:
A ship designed, hammered, built and crewed by a group of Women. Very successful until it was lost with all hands. It’s now known that it fell prey to a group of individuals known as Morlocks. Beings who attacked it’s crew with long poles bearing barbed blades. They apparently killed the crew and abandoned the ship, leaving it marooned on a small “island” in the Northern part of the Galactic Interior where it was recently discovered. Identified by it’s name plate and the well known brass plate stamp of it’s interior designers: “Morris & Tenet”

Our Universe:
In current cosmological thinking we exist within an all encompassing universe that began from a clump of matter suddenly infused with “energy” (an undefined apparent constant?). This sudden “big bang” theory has not been validated and probably won’t be. The reality is that what we call a Universe is actually a “Super Galaxy” and it’s not the only one of it’s kind. There are many super galaxies within the Cosmos and there is more than one cosmos within the Eaida (aida). Thanks in part to the work of a man named Darmok who spent much of his long life exploring our “Super Galaxy”. we (those who have lived deeper inside our galaxy) have learned much about it. As with our galaxy, our Super Galaxy also has a name. We are currently within the MBoona Galaxy that is part of the Madsen Super Galaxy. The correct way to express this is MBoona:Madsen. Other Super Galaxies exist with names like Goodson, Dodson, Rhett, Barton and others. It’s possible, even likely that some of the names that are familiar to us from those places has made it’s way into our history and cultures. It’s even possible that much of the mythical and magical “histories” written as fiction came from these places, or from earlier experienced in deeper galaxies like Rheesa.

Other Galaxies:
It’s obvious looking out into the heavens that we are not alone. Even a small mirror telescope on the ground can see what appear to be other galaxies, and clearly they do exist. However, the current “Standard” theory of reality uses extrapolation and makes politically and financially biased assumptions about the world around us, assumptions that have not been validated. Having recalled being in other places I’ve become aware that what we see from our telescope is not what actually exists. The theory of Relativity is based on the bold assumption that reality is a set of neatly defined, uniform rules that govern all things, probably created by something, or someone magical. Reminds me of religion… Experience tells me no such thing is correct. If space is a variable density material then it follows that light speed is not a constant. It also means that what is measured as gamma radiation could have been emitted as a much shorter wave at it’s origin due to Doppler distortion. Therefore most of the assumptions that are so carefully extrapolated from measurements taken by probes, satellites and telescopes are based on this clearly flawed theory. Since space is a variable density phenomena, so then is C2 in E=MC2 so the exact makeup of other galaxies, stars, nebulae black holes and other heavenly bodies cannot possibly be extrapolated correctly using this formula.
Life is for experience, not to ponder alone in darkness…

Rheesa. our nearest galactic neighbor:
We live very near a galaxy named Rheesa. Rheesa is our nearest galactic neighbor to the “south“. Rheesa is an M64 galaxy. It’s major spacial ocean contains atomic material with at least 64 interior “dimensions” or utilitarian surfaces unlike MBoona which contains only 16. Galactic compass directions are derived from the rotation of Madsen, the Super Galaxy in which we find MBoona and therefore ourselves. Looking down from the top into the “eye” of Madsen, it rotates counter clockwise. North is considered the direction from which the flow that drives a galaxy flows. UP or TOP is the direction that contains the barely rotating eye of both a galaxy and a super galaxy. Earth is located on the outermost area on the far west-northwest part of the MBoona toroid. Having these points of reference we see that Rheesa is in the shadow of MBoona in terms of Super Galactic flows. This effect causes it to be drawn close up to the outer toroidal boundary of MBoona, our home galaxy. Many people live in Rheesa and I have recall of having lived there myself in the past.
(See Sexuality from a past life, contains adult sexual references) Rheesa is the place one might find Fairies, Elves, Humans, Leptors and other “mythical” creatures living together. It’s possible many of our cultures more colorful historical stories come from this place. Especially if one was present during it’s early development. Rheesa, having a greater density to it’s interior contains many fascinating chemical and geological phenomena that can’t form here. Glowing stones, dangerous and misunderstood chemistry, extremely hostile acids, bizarre chemical reactions, and a skill people call a “tink“. A tink is a person who learns how to hammer lead into silver, silver into gold and gold into platinum. The sympathetic reaction occurs, oddly enough, only in the presence of a living person. It cannot be duplicated with automatic hammers. As such it’s still common for a man to hammer his bride some sort of jewelry. Beginning with a piece of clean lead, the metal is first cast into shape then hammered very lightly. Not enough to change it’s shape but repeated hammering over weeks, months and even years causes some kind of reaction in the metal when it’s “tinked” while being immersed in the field of one’s body. It’s said that the wearer can “feel” the presence of the person who hammered the metal making it a truly unique gift as long as the tink was feeling good when he did his hammering. It’s likely the “Lord of the Rings” story came from Rheesa:Madsen.

The next galaxy in the inhabited galactic string is named Marka. Marka:Madsen is an M760 galaxy attesting to the factorial increase in the density of it’s interior space. Clearly it contains many more elements in it’s table and far greater “opportunity” for those who continue to develop. I’ve been to Marka, that’s all I’ll say at the moment.

Since space is a variable density phenomena it follows that time is not a physical reality. What we experience as time is clearly a perception, a relationship between the individual person and the environment within which that person exists. There has never been any evidence at all that time is a surface that can be traveled, nor have there ever been any time travelers to validate such a ridiculous concept yet people, even well educated people, persist with such nonsense. If time were a surface all our radio waves would end up somewhen else… think about it professor! What this means is that from the point of view of someone on Earth, one can live an entire lifetime deeper in our Galaxy in just a few years. And my recall of having lived in deeper places bears this out.

You can read more on this topic at: a matter of physics


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