Past Life Recall #15
Portagaya (Porta Guya or Portuga)

October 20, 2007 – 4:10 am Print This Post

Portuga hey mochha?

Portch ettcha?

Portecha mooya?

Hoi Porta? (most common form of “do you understand Porta aitch?)

Do any of these generate feelings within you?

In deeper galactic waters are many different languages. For those with enough development there is a way to communicate called the “Portagaya” pronounced either porta gay’a or porta guy’a, or “Portuga”, pronounced as it’s spelled. Different cultures have different entry points but once you make a connection there’s no question it’s real.
The Portaguya is a developmental thing that comes with experience. I’ve begun to understand some of it but I still have a very long way to go. Hearing it reminds me of a circus I saw once with an announcer who could speak fluent in nearly any dialect. His opening Welcome was more noteworthy to me than the circus acts themselves.

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