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Yet another email quote worth sharing. In response to War and other misunderstandings

Tom, I won’t say that I agree with alot of it, but… Have you ever read the Book Of Mormon? You might be surprised at what you found there.

Yes, I have. I grew up in the same house you did remember?

What does the Book of Mormon have to do with the war in Iraq?
What does the book of Mormon have to do with dishonest people’s choices?
Moroni didn’t make the choices that led to the war in Iraq and neither did Joe Smith. It couldn’t have happened because of Bush alone either. Every person on this planet has to take some responsibility for the war and taking responsibility, in my view, does not mean talking about it or sending wishful thoughts around the planet in the form of pictures. It means learning from past choices. If you believe we have only once chance there is no possibility humanity will survive. The loop is open, meaning you live, try a few things then die. What about learning processes that take longer than a lifetime? What about ongoing development beyond this life?

I’m also not a “Christian”, meaning from an original Christian culture that began a long, long time ago in a place called “Goodson”, very near a place called “Dodson”. I suspect the wars being referred to in the Bible are wars people had with their own selves, especially since none of the places can be validated. I think “Jerusalem” was named AFTER the bible in an attempt to validate it, not before. There was apparently an enormous war between various cultures that took place a long time ago. I think it’s the memory of that horrible war that lingers in many people who were there at the time, in Goodson, and if hanging on to a religious leader works, then it’s a good thing. But, there is a difference between the person who has genuine living intent to continue and grow and develop; a person who will let go of childish ideas when they discover how foolish they are and the person who thinks they can avoid consequences relying on a magic garbage can man to appear and clean them up in an instant. One person has honest intent, the other does not…And religion provides a place for such people to hide for a while.

Having developed a bit more experience over the years I began remembering places I’ve been before. There is no way I could have just made all this up. It’s very specific including chemistry, physics and philosophy. My latest death occurred over the English Channel just before the US entered WWII. Prior to that I lived in a deeper part of the Galaxy we all call home now on a world called Gnash. I was born in the Gorga Moya Valley as an only child. My parent’s owned a 5,000,000 acre farm where we grew Tunis plants. I went to College in New York; a Citystate on a world called Siggma that’s in the same system as Gnash. I graduated college and became an instructor at another college on another world called Delta. I taught college level philosophy for over 25 years then returned home when my parent’s were near death. After they passed my wife and I (4 children grown and married off) settled down on the farm. I wasn’t all that interested in farming so I got involved in the shipping industry in the next valley in the center of Gorga (Gorja as in gorgeous) Moya (Gorgeous Valley is a rough translation) where most of the produce was shipped from the valley to other places on Gnash. I recall clearly building a 7 Stallion V8 monster car with my wife (it was HER project)


and sometime just after finishing it I died suddenly. I don’t recall yet what happened but it was unexpected, very unexpected. I think it had to do with the shipping industry. The place I’m referring to might be considered “Paradise” to many. Wars are in history not in the present. I was part of the Gnash Military until my sudden death. It was a military but not for defense, it’s purpose was to provides opportunities for self development and self awareness. I earned the rank of Captain in the Gnash and successfully finished at least 15 patrols during which I was the actual captain of an interstellar craft manned by a crew of 20 to 100 civilian and military crew members. It took me many decades to earn that rank and I didn’t do it for glory or even for my country. I did it for ME!

How does one get the message across that such places do exist and that in all my experiences I’ve never met a single person who could make choices for me or accept their consequences.

The issue isn’t really whether you believe me. It makes no difference. My history is what it is and so is the history of the Native America people referred to in the Book of Mormon. But if exposing you and other people to the concept that perhaps there is more to life than what’s here on Earth; that you don’t have to have faith, you can experience it and have trust. Faith is based on desire, trust is based on experience. If sharing this can begin to mend some of the horrible wounds that awful war caused, it’s worth it. I get something out of it as well. My own history has some gaps and this helps me fill in those gaps so I can continue my own development when I get further along in this existence. I’ve had horrible experienced in my past. I recall leaving a place full of people that destroyed themselves. It’s made me an orphan of sorts. I don’t have a primary culture so I’m working on integrating myself back into one. At present it’s the British culture but life goes on and choices are made…

What I’ve recalled so far is that we are in a universe called Madsen. The proper name is Mboona:Madsen, the colon is used to separate the names. Next to us is galaxy Rheesa:Madsen and beyond that is Meta:Madsen. Still further down is Marka:Madsen where I last ended an existence. I also recall places like Goya:getch, Goodson:major, Dodson:parks, Rheesa:joy etc. They are each names of galaxies in the cosmos where we all live. If one becomes unable to recall one’s own history, how can one continue to grow and develop? Without a recall of my past, learning becomes impossible…

I’ve been other places, I know for sure there’s no magic man to fix all things up when they go wrong. Too many people think of Jesus as a magic garbage can. Do whatever you want as long as you say the right words in the last moment and a magic being will appear, reach inside you and fix up all your dishonesties. I don’t believe there is a master plan for us all and I don’t believe I have a master. From my point of view that would preclude my ability to make my own choices and my experience has validated anything but…

Unusually long email so I’ll finish:
I recall people who claim to have been “resurrected” if you will, who state quite clearly that the story of Jesus (DeJesus), which is said to be a family name not a first name, is about a man who was a thief, a liar and a cheat. He was caught stealing and raping and pillaging so many times he was crucified in public for having committed so many horrible acts. About 45 years or so later a young boy was born who at the age of about 8 claimed to have died on the cross. He is said to have stood in front of a woman who was his mother and told her what it was like being her son. As he got older he was able to lead a group of people to a place he claimed his body was entombed. He descried his clothing and made references to his corpse in such a way there was no way it could be mistaken. His story was so astounding that parts of it were written as a play and enacted over and over again by those who believed him. The plays were written as scripts and it’s more than likely it’s those scripts that are heralded as the Bible, not the actual story of the boy DeJesus.


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