Past Life Recall #14; Gorga Moya
Tita Mountains
Mud Flat City

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This is a work in progress. I’ve published it to help me recall and validate. It may be some time before I’m able to continue and some of this may change as I recall further.


Over the past few months I’ve begun to recall having lived in a place called the Gorga Moya Valley. It’s between two mountain ranges that run South to North just above the equator on a planet called Gnash.

To begin one must understand where this place is located in relation to us here on Earth. I believe that while I was between lives here I spent time in places deeper within our galaxy. My best past life recollection to date begins in about 1560. From 1560~1620 I lived in South Wales in the UK. I then spent time deeper in the galaxy, returning here again in about 1820 or so where I lived with a group of America Indians as a Souixa, the original name of the Soux Nation. After another life in deeper waters I again returned here in about 1922 when I lived in Jersey City, graduated High School, joined the Air Force and died in a plane crash in England. After my death in that life and the chaos of WWII from the other side, again I spent time in deeper places but decided it wasn’t appropriate to continue there (in a place called Nelvan) so I returned here again and was born in San Diego CA in 1959 to a life I now still maintain. This is a very general record of what I recall during my most recent life in deeper waters in between. See Galaxy Primer for more….

Tita is considered the backbone of Gnash and is about 15,000 miles long. It runs from the base of the cold upper flare cap down to just above the equator. Various other ranges exist on Gnash but “The Tita” is the single most noticeable and noteworthy range of mountains as well as the tallest surface projection on the planet. Tita peak is 68,000 feet from base to point and no that’s not a misprint. It’s a reality. The depth of the gaseous ocean on Gnash is about 500 miles from average ground level to the troposphere, where space is considered to begin. Tita, being to long and so high, has only one place along it’s length where it’s passable by road. That place is Tita Pass and it’s a paltry 18,000 feet from average ground level to the road that runs through it. It’s somewhat dangerous to drive through the pass at certain times of the year. Winds over 400 knots have been clocked through the pass. At that speed the wind itself will rip the skin from your bones, as a few have discovered. Along the pass are concrete shelters where travelers can weather sudden storms. They are usually just concrete garages with phones, water and a bit of food. Usually enough to last three or four days. The only road that traverses the tita range is called the Great Baker Road. It runs from the Citystate of Georgia in Baker County, Moya Province to the Citystate of Georgia in Baker province, no county some 3800 miles away. It’s the longest single stretch of concrete road on the planet. It’s know in music as: Georgia to Georgia, Baker to Baker. It’s kind of like Route 66…

I was born in the Citystate of Georgia:Moya:Baker or more commonly known as just Georgia:Moya. My parents owned and operated a tunis farm. Tunis is a plant grown specifically for it’s oils, similar to the safflower, soybean or the canola plant. This oil is used almost exclusively to power internal combustion engines. It’s pressed from the plant, heated a bit to expel water and stored for about 2 years. The remains of the pressing are then fermented in large vats to form naptha. The naptha is then mixed back into the tunis oil to form fuel for the diesel burning engines that predominate the area. Moya sits up on the north end of a very long valley collectively called “The Gorga Moya”. On the East side is a mountain range called Tita. On the West is a small range called the California Range. Beyond the california range is the Eastern Sea. To the south is California pass which leads to ocean cliffs. To the north is the Cross Range that joins California Range to Tita. The cross has some very interesting features, one of them being a 4800 foot cliff face where people have homes planted on the rock face. The Gorga Moya is an agricultural valley about 3000 miles long. The Valley actually has several areas. And it’s on the far South end where we find Mud Flat City. Mud Flat is primarily a mining area. The most common thing mined there is mud. The mud is used to make concrete that is then shipped all over the planet.

When I got a bit older I wanted to explore the world so I arranged to move to New York, a Citystate on a nearby world called Siggma. New York is very modern compared to Gorga Moya. It has few if any internal combustion engines. The primary mode of transportation is by a “V”, which is short for a Vehicle. Mostly a Fly-V which is a small personal sized two seater flying car of sorts. It’s powered by a device called a gravity accelerator. It’s not an antigravity device, rather it uses chemicals to produce a very shortwave radiation that is similar to gravity.

New York, being modern, does not allow public wheeled vehicles in its interior. It has no “streets” as we think of them, rather it has concourses. Public transportation moves along the concourses and to different stops to province public transportation. On the street people walk, ride bicycles, take taxis or public transportation. Navigation is accomplished by a citystate provided way-point navigation system. It generally has restrictions at different altitudes. Buses, taxis and citystate vehicles have the lower 500 feet or so. Next is the public waypoint navigation area where you would fly your private vehicle to work or movies or a friends house. Up higher is a Free Fly zone where you can do whaever you want. There is no speed limit and although a private V will not go faster than say 200 mph, there are high performance Vs you can purchase of build that will go lots faster, orders of magnitude faster. Some can break the sound barrier three times before you can even hear te bang. The result is a rapid bang,bang,bang that’s unmistakable.

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