Past Life Recall #13, Despair

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After listening to this song for a while I seem to recall a similar tune from a long time ago. It’s about a man who lost his fiance during a battle, but still hears her words singing in his head. The “White Night” concept, if I recall correctly, came from the fact that a half-clad sentinel wearing silver armor looked white in the dark. They used to have a watchtower with ramps leading between them so the knights could ride in a circle with one side facing outwards. Only black mares were ridden down the ramps wearing leather sidecoats to protect them from arrows or worse… The “knight” was seated atop a black mare and made his rounds wearing only half an armor plating, the side facing the outside for sure.

A Rewrite of a Tori Amos tune titled: Another Mother Revolution
Renamed: Another-nother revolution
“Plucky me” she said “ who’d of thought that I could guess, the man you would turn out to be…”
And all along the watchtower…
The white Knights and the black mares prepare…

Walking the ramps, tween west gate and south front we waiting for the onrush
And a voice in my head starts singing me.
What we didn’t count on, was another nother, nother revolution. You could have been free, you could have been free, you could have been free, right here beside me
whisper: and I weep

All along the watchtower…
The white knights and the black mares prepare, for the oncoming siege, for the strange things to come, for the battle beneath us, for the onrush upon us…


In the darkness below, women pick flowers for the dead.
In the courtyard below the women pick flowers, but there aren’t any left…
And all along the watchtower, looking down I see them below, picking flowers for the dead, flowers for my friends, flowers for me
whisper:and I weep

In the darkness of my soul I weep for my own, I weep in the darkess, I weep for my … my own, my own
And the voice in my head sings:


Death becomes me, in the darkness below, in the darkness that comes, in the darkess of me, in the darkness…
Whisper: Why be this man, why fight this fight, why am I what I am?

In the darkness we all wait for the outcome, for the strange days upon us all
Strange days of death and darkness, days of blood and hatred, days filled with horrors that can’t be undone, days that used to be…
What we didn’t count on, was another nother revolution
I could have been free, I could have been free, I could have been free, I could have been free, I could have had Freedom
Whisper: I guess I was wrong..

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