Past Life Recall #9 A Royal Family

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Our first story begins with a diary left in an auspicious place. With it a photograph: visceral entities visible. A caption on the photo reads: “Vonda, in a green parka…” the remaining text has been cut from the photo, apparently to prevent anyone from reading what was written. This is a story of an individual and her long and disperate family history.

Vonda Ellen May Clarkston Demarka
Mother of
Wendy Ellen Amos Clarkston Demarka
Born 17th Neos Argo Mhetal
daughter of

Datura Leo David Demarka
Son of
David Leo Kingston Demarka
Son of
Ellen May Kingston Demarka
Daugher of
Countess Rachel Lynn Clarkston Demarka King, who thought she was a Kingston for most of her life
Daugher of
Marka-Mae Etta Demarka Prince
Invertor of the first plasma vault and discoverer of plasma in it’s liquid state
Daugher of
Baron Von Markus Piedro DeMarka Ledioux of Luxembourge Italy
Son of
Baron Markus Von Piedro Etuah Marsailles of Luxemborge England

Our story begins:
In the year of our lords, 1728 there came a time when we could no longer live within the bounds of our own state. When statehood failed us, not of our own intent or doing but of that beyond our control. We live in a time of heros, a time of warriors, a time of living grace. A time when worlds exist in peace and life moves onwards without hate or remorse. We are virtuous in our deeds and knowing in our hearts. Our minds are clean, our hearts are pure, and our lives are worthy of our own efforts. Time alone will be the mark we bear in grace or disgrace, to live or to die, for all to see, we see, feel and hear…

This is a well known story in deeper galactic waters, and a movie as well. Both the original story and the movie chronicle the history of an olde world people. A people who had been here in this galaxy for a very long time. A people that lived on a world they called “Naboona“.  Do you recall when and where it took place?

And continues…
A long time ago in a Galaxy not so far away… there was a cooperative called “The commerce guild“. Originally they set up shop on a small, dusty little punit called “Coruscant“, often referred to as Kruscant for it’s resemblance to shit from a distance. The commerce guild was a self proclaimed group of individuals who, following the death of the owner of punit coruscant, claimed it as their own. The only really interesting thing about the punit crusty was it’s location. It was located near currently used shipping lanes from the English area of the galaxy to an star system called “toonies”. Punit crusty had, in the time of it’s original owner, become a well known and well used place for passing ships to congregate. The original owner charged them enough to keep himself alive and little more for his future. After his death the overseeing group began to demand a parking fee for the enormous barges filled with goods to be traded that set down on it’s puny crust. Being so well located, and having craft capable of connecting together via airlocks and such, the stale, unbreathable atmosphere on old crusty was hardly an issue to most of the traders and cooperative sellers that met there on a regular basis. As time went on, however, the cooperative became less and less cooperative. First they demanded a percentage of all trades that occurred, next came partial demands for ownership of the vessels carrying goods and finally war broke out when shipping lanes were claimed to be owned by the now grossly dishonest commerce guild.


The story is partially documented in the Star Wars septa movies. Yes, I do believe it’s based partly on fact. And the stories began with the demise of Naboona, the creation of Naboo and the discovery of Adair, with all her wonders and treasures. The northernmost places in the galaxy were most embroiled in this conflict. Some by choice or fear, others by force and disguise. Toonies, the star around which three important worlds surround seems to have been the heart of the affair. Toonies has thee major inhabited satellites. Tantooine, Mantwine and Dantwine. All of which are mentioned in Star Wars. Tantooine is, as depicted, a very dry place. The “moisture vaporators” were actually similar to the common air conditioner. They housed large compressors driven by chemical generators. The air was drawn through an intake, cooled, then pressurized to change it’s “dew” point causing water vapor to condense into liquid where it was “harvested” and sold. Many farmers had pipelnes directly to the local cities. Others used barges to carry their water to the city where it was often sold right off the truck. Due to the lack of water, most people bathed seldom. Contrary to what one might think, as long as they brushed themselves regularly to remove dead skin and washed their hair twice a month, their bodies adapted very well. A bacterial culture forms on the skin that help maintain their overall health. It was discovered among these folks that a failure to bathe as we do did not generate undesirable odors. Rather it turned out to be an important lesson in health. There were no foul odor from the people who lived there. I visited this place many decades after the supposed “Galactic Star War” as a Master Exec for the Gnash Military.

Yes it had a reputation for being risky and violent at times.


Tantooine,  was considered the Las Vegas or perhaps Atlantic City of the galaxy. The Hutton are a group of long lived cold blooded creatures that organize and run the casinos on Tantooine. Again, contrary to the way they were depicted they are not worm like, they have legs, they are very large and they are hardly criminals. Quite the contrary, they run social programs for those people who come to Tantooine to gamble. They do indeed “rake in” the bucks but rather than build elaborate monuments to their own selves, they use the “winnings” to operate process camps where the down and out are taught about gambling, risk, life, death, purpose, feelings, energy, density, even Jedi ended up in their camps on occasion. Apparently they see gross dishonesty as an opportunity for self development, not just for themselves.


All are welcome to the barrage of life that emanates from this place…
-Hut Porka: the beast…

Still more later…Time for some more; it’s later.

The “in a green parka…” was identified as “Vonda, in a green parkade“; a virtual state of being. She also had images marked “Vonda, in a pink passion…“, “Vonda, in a red rage…” and “Vonda, in purple peace…” tucked into her diary.

The Polaroid looking thing is actually a real Kirlian Photograph, a common photographic process in Rheesa.  Beyond that is Galaxy 10977 and it’s name is Meta:Madsen. It was M10376 when I was there last but it’s density changes and oddly enough, I can fell it.

Where have you been?

Please post a short comment below so I know you were here.

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  2. actually i dont believe in all this & iam happy with my present life also .i like to know my past life history because there are few questions struck up in my mind which i cannot make any clear idea whether there are such things which can tell about our past life histories.if you could temme my past life history i would be much glad,impressive,believable in all these stuff. my birth date is 01-june-1984 .And also please tell my few present life situations or incidents which were experienced(plz dont tell my future incidents in present life)so that i can confirm myself that you were giving the right messages.If i feel you were right i would not step back to donate few bugs to your company .Hope you would reply me soon

    By vinai on Feb 3, 2009

  3. I’m not a fortune teller. I can’t tell you about your past life cause I wasn’t there.

    What does your birth date have to do with anything?

    Many, if not most people want to know their past life history. But asking some other person who you were a long time ago can’t possibly help you remember where you were in a past life. How can a stranger possibly know who you are, let alone where you were or who you were in a past life?

    By Tom on Feb 3, 2009

  4. I want to say that I am Happy With my present life..
    Well Thank for sharing the story

    By MD Life on Feb 28, 2011

  5. In my opinion, I really don’t believe in these kinds of things. I guess I’m not superstitious person but I think what’s really important is who you are today.

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    By Adrianna Papell on Apr 21, 2011

  6. You lost me at the picture of the stormtroopers peeing. I just had to Google it because I thought that they just did it in their pants.

    By Morgan on Jun 9, 2011

  7. To know your past life would be interesting to say the least but it would happen is way beyond me. Very intersting article though. Cheers

    By Adrian McCluskey on Jun 10, 2011

  8. Superficial but very interesting. The author has a very creative mind to come up with this kind of story.

    By Debt Management Tips on Jan 11, 2012

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