Past Life BLOG #7 Gnash Battles; Virginia

July 5, 2007 – 3:40 pm Print This Post

From an album titled: Gnash Battles; Virginia
Songs about an ongoing war at a place called Gnash:Virginia, a province that was at war for a while.

As best I can recall at the moment, it’s been a very long time since I heard or read these lyrics.

If I were your thought
would you want me
to think you?

If I were an enemy
would you hold me
in contempt?

If I were your mother,
would you kill me in disgrace
for being who I am…

Oh, the thoughts I’ve had of you;
an enemy stands ready at the gate.

If I were you,
would you want
to think me?

If I were a thought,
would you follow me?

Did you,
could you,
will you,
would you,
think me again?

Virginia my friend
the thought’s I’ve had…

Do you think me,
as I thought you?
Do you feel the same
as I do?

Are we enemies,
for living on this street?
Will I die, while standing at your gate?

Virginia my friend
the end is near
do you think of me
as I thought of you?

Is this end to hostility;
to hope as well as hate?

Is this the end,
or just a beginning,,,

Virginia my friend,
will we die together
arms wrapped around
each other’s shoulders?

In the end,
what will we have gained,

Is this an end,
or beginning
of another…


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  2. I like the way that this poem is written, it has a free form and not following any structure?

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    By American Rag on Apr 27, 2011

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