A bit of Philosophy on the Undiscovered Country

July 23, 2007 – 11:22 pm Print This Post

Excerpts from an email posting…


The whole point is that we just don’t know. That’s what the Undiscovered Country is. None of us can make choices beyond our own experience. To claim we can is a lie, and since I don’t have the experience of those who come behind me, I don’t know what choices they will make. What I do know is that the future is unknown and that part of the process of life is to become aware of it as the unknown, and the unknowable. To face the struggle, to break through the dependence on other people and their “approval” or “disapproval” of our selves. The Undiscovered Country is always out of reach, to live there is to suffer heartache and emptiness, to die, slowly, horribly, steeped in misery, lies and projection of what cannot ever be. Only liars live and exist in the Undiscovered Country. Until it arrives it is forbidden and foreboden and foreboding to us all, to the living. That horrible thing called projection, filled with hatred, violence and misconception is what happens when we, the living choose to exist beyond our own experience. Simple awareness, earned through experience makes the difference, and awareness comes only with, and from -experience.

There is no substitute for experience. So those who live in that awful place while trying to maintain a foothold on the present, end up split, divided, ripped in two pieces. And their malevolence solves itself as the riddle it is.

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