Installing Ubuntu Gutsy Gibbon

on a Gigabyte GA-945GCM(X)-S2 motherboard with a Visiontek X1650 PCIe ATI video card:

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Last updated: 2/27/2008

This is a very general guide based on my experience.

The Ubuntu installer does not correctly initialize the X1650 card, among others, and generates an error when you try to select an option at the first boot screen when booting off either a CD or DVD installer. This occurs for ALL Ubuntu installers, including the Alternatie text intatallers. To get past this I had to use the alternate CD and ignore the error.

Boot from an Alternaite Xubuntu, Ubuntu or Kubuntu CD or DVD.

Ignore the white box that disrupts the screen when you press a key.

Kubuntu DVD, and alternate CD installs:
At the "Boot:" prompt enter: "install"
If you get a "command not found" error you cannot use that bootable media to successfully install the OS, get an alternate or a DVD. Apparently the DVD installers have an "Install" image whereas the Live CD does not. It seems to only contain a "Live" install image.
Follow the installer to the point it requests your Xorg screen resolutions.
Check the boxes for 1024x768, 800x600 and 640x480 ONLY! Apparently the X1650 vesa BIOSdoes not support other resolutions.
Finish the install normally and boot to your new desktop.
Follow this guide to install the FGLRX Driver and enable Compiz-Fusion

Then this guide for Xubuntu

Note that for the Xubuntu install the compiz package bombs with a requests a file in /etc/xdg/compiz/ ???.ubuntu
You need copy the ???.ubuntu.??-dpkg version in the same direcotry to the requested file for compiz to work. Note also that there are path errors on the Ubuntu compiz package so pay close attention to the instructions on the site regarding modifying the /usr/bin/compiz file.

Email me if you have questions: