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This is a collection of technical articles documenting my ongoing developmental process as I learn how to use and configure my own home Apache 2.x webserver. This server operates as, has a fully functional postfix mail system and serves several other sites. A site index can be found at

This server runs Debian Lenny. A more detailed page can be found here.

Articles I've written do date:
Spamassassin and postfix
Webmin Installation in Debian Linux
IPTables using Webmin and Debian Linux
Installing Gutsy Gibbon on Gigabyte GA-945GCM(X)-S2 & Visiontek x1650
A Simple Home Proxy Server using Apache 2.2 and mod_proxy
Moving a Debian or Ubuntu Webserver to new Hardware
Backup2L with PIGZ parallel file compression for multi-core servers
PHP and Apache MPM Worker

Additional Files of possible interest.

I use a large external USB drive for backup and to augment my Desktop system. It's been formatted for JFS and EXT4. However the standard 2.6.26-2 Debian kernel does not support JFS correctly or EXT4 file systems so I had to compile one. This can be a time consuming venture so I offer them here in case someone else finds them useful. They are contained in the following "repo" directory. You could add the repo to your sources.list and install either of these kernels using apt if you so desire. Below is my working /etc/apt/sources.list entry.

#Custom kernel repository
deb binary/

The repo contents can be inspected here:
This kernel is a Debian Linux Kernel compiled to support JFS and EXT4 file systems. More information is available here: PHPSYSINFO

If you need EXT4 or a correct JFS shutdown and restart, I currently use a 2.6.30-1 from Lenny Backports. The kernel and headers can be found here: