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July 31st, 2012 No comments

I recently purchased a Boyo AVN701S in-dash navigation system for mom and Patty’s van. I tried to update the map at the site but received no map download link even though they charged my bank account. Beware, my research indicates the company has gone out of business but is still collecting money but in my case not sending the product. If you own a product that is supported by you might be wise to do some research prior to ordering using their online order system. I suggest you contact the manufacturer or your device first to be sure you will get your map update DVD. supports a very long list of manufacturers of products so it leaves probably over 100 different brands SOL when it comes to map updates. I suspect someone will step in and take over the operation but unless and until that occurs, beware. Apparently there have been some phone number changes over the past year the latest being in April of this year. There also seem to have been staff changes as well. Currently I have not been able to find a working phone number for this company.

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