Dear CBS News

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Dear CBS News,

I’ve watched now for nearly 50 years as the USA, along with the rest of the world, struggles through it’s sociological and anthropological development. Watching the news one gets the impression that the current social, economic and political structures of the world are an effective means of managing the populous and its most precious resource, labor. That democracy is a fair and workable solution to the previous forms of social management America is purported to have successfully replaced. Prior to democracy we had kings, monarchs, emperors and other top-down, singular intellect social structures that operate upon the assumption that a populous is the same as an individual. That a society can make choices for itself. That a group of people can operate as a large singular mind. Read more…


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Warren Redman

Author, Counsellor, Coach and Facilitator, Master Trainer of Emotional Fitness in Calgary, Alberta Canada
Friday, July 4, 2008
Monoatheistic Entity (ME)
By Warren Redman
The recent spate of books and movies promoting the idea of God and spirituality or refuting the concept of a deity indicate one thing – God is big business. Put God or some similar highly spiritually evocative name in the title of your book and you’ll sell a ton. The entrancement of humans with the desire to make sense of ourselves, our universe and all that’s in it and to explain the otherwise inexplicable is one of the main phenomena that distinguishes humans from any other living entity. Not only do we need to explain; we need something to hang on to when doubt creeps in. Furthermore, those who believe in a “higher power”, or creator or God or other form of external entity that has a mysterious power over our fate and our world have a tendency to see themselves as more highly evolved than those who don’t.

Recent research has indicated that those living in secular as distinct from religiously-based countries are more likely to be content and at peace with themselves and their neighbours. This runs counter to conventional wisdom and raises some interesting questions. One of these questions is “how does the myth that religion brings about inner peace survive the facts?” Another is “what do people who don’t believe in God actually believe in that makes them more content?” A third is “what makes people stick to their religious beliefs in the face of apparently overwhelming lack of evidence that God exists?” I will have a mild attempt at answering these questions, partly to help myself understand them and partly to invite your debate. Most of all, I want to answer a fourth question: “in the absence of a belief in God what core belief can a person hold that takes us to the highest level of humanity?”

How does the myth that religion brings about inner peace survive the facts?

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Kulula Low Cost South African Airline

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Kulula is a low-cost South-African airline
that doesn’t take itself too seriously. Check out their new
livery! And have a read about their Customer Relations.


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How to park your car.

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Dad sent these silly car parking lessons. They are worth sharing.

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Happy Mothers Day 2011

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Thanks for being Mom


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