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FindCheaters is a SCAM

That’s right, the site called FindCheaters.com is a complete and total scam. If you’re looking for information about the site and you want to know how it works? It doesn’t. You were enticed into looking or joining by what they call an “Online Cupid”. An online cupid is not a real person. It’s a made up profile with a picture they got somewhere off the internet. Probably purchased a gaggle of pictures from some photo clearing house somewhere.

Can you cancel? Yes. Will you get your money back? NO

As far as I can tell there are no real women on the site at all, just a bunch of men looking for women that don’t exist. I suspect that even most of the “Basic Members” are made up profiles too. They may pay someone to sit and make up fake profiles so they can say they didn’t make the up themselves if they get caught. Kind of like Google did years ago when they paid people to sit and click ads all day on various web sites so they could keep the enormous advertising budgets that were placed in their care. I think Google settled out of court… FindCheaters will eventually go under once the word spreads.

What to do?

Suck it up, call the number and waste a few minutes of air time to cancel your subscription and hope they don’t try and hit you up again when your subscription expires. Try Match.com or eHarmony. Both are ligit sites and neither will cheat you. No guarantee you’ll get laid or even get a response but at least you’ll be talking to real people.


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