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Dear CBS News

Dear CBS News,

I’ve watched now for nearly 50 years as the USA, along with the rest of the world, struggles through it’s sociological and anthropological development. Watching the news one gets the impression that the current social, economic and political structures of the world are an effective means of managing the populous and its most precious resource, labor. That democracy is a fair and workable solution to the previous forms of social management America is purported to have successfully replaced. Prior to democracy we had kings, monarchs, emperors and other top-down, singular intellect social structures that operate upon the assumption that a populous is the same as an individual. That a society can make choices for itself. That a group of people can operate as a large singular mind.

The reality is that groups of people can’t make choices. Societies don’t have opinions. A population doesn’t have a brain of it’s own. Only individuals have a mouth and a voice. Only the individual can evaluate it’s environment and choose a path. A group of people cannot do this simple task. A society has no intellect or voice of its own. A group of people cannot make a singular choice. Our ancestors struggled with this reality for hundreds of generations before any of us were even born. Wars have been and are still being fought over this simple fact of reality because of its implication. That implication is that there is no solution. There is no way for a population to become unified in thought and opinion. A group of people cannot become an individual. A populous can’t make a choice.

Our current state of social development has explored many different ways for differing populations to satisfy their needs and desires. We have currently settled upon a modified monarchy wherein a small group of individuals has taken the place of a singular monarch. Under the banner of “Democracy” the royal family has given way to a Parliament or a Congress headed by a Prime Minister or a President and so far the result has been the same. A small group of individuals profit from the labors of the masses. In some cases they even farm the masses for their own profit. A government, any government favors the few at the expense of the many. A small group of like-minded people under the guise of democracy present a solution to the gullible worker too involved in living his life to notice there is no solution. Its like selling burial plots on the moon.

The reality is that Democracy only represents the loudest or most visible voice, not the social issue that needs the most attention for the continuing health of the population. The reality is that democracy is not a fair, workable solution to the management of any populous. Democracy works in small groups of like-minded people but it does not represent the myriad of differing views that exist within a complex and diverse population like America.

The point is this:

Lying, Cheating, Stealing and Blaming are the hallmarks of American Business under a Republican Democracy. How can one choose a leader when the system within which the leader operates is a sham and a lie? How can one man make choices for millions of individuals? How can a singular group represent the needs and desires of an entire population?

How about reporting the real news, that American Democracy operating on a “do it later” edict has bankrupt the entire country. That America is headed for economic collapse and civil war.

Or is there any fact in reporting the news today.

We don’t inherit the Earth from our parents, we borrow it from our children.

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