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World’s Energy Infrastructure is about undergo a radical change

Yeah, I know . . . just the kind of thing you want to read about in a family blog.  I’m directly involved with the introduction of some very new and unique technology to this planet that will hopefully (if all goes as planned) switch this entire planet’s energy source from the price-controlled, politically-controlled and greed-ridden petroleum industry to  almost free hydrogen.  I can’t comment on the exact technology but suffice it to say that within the next 3 to 6 months will come the introduction of a very simple reactor the separates the hydrogen and oxygen molecules of liquid water into gaseous hydrogen and oxygen which are then used to power the fuel cell.  That’s the simple basis of the process.  What it means for the average consumer is the ability to purchase a hydroreactor/fuel-cell unit that connects to existing municipal water supply to create virtually free electricity and hydrogen for your hydrogen fuel-cell vehicle (as an optional larger reactor and storage tank).  Another new technology called a plasma furnace transmutes scrap (recycled) base metals like iron, steel, copper, etc. into a specialized alloy of gold and platinum that is ironically called gold-press-latinum.  Because the world economies are returning to the gold standard, this process will produce an alloy that combines the gold and platinum atoms in a way that they can’t be separated and used to create gold and platinum bars; it’s only use is industrial grade for use as a PEM (photon exchange membrane).  This is a component of the hydrogen fuel cell that is currently manufactured with pure platinum, which is why fuel cell vehicles cost $1,000,000 each to produce.  With the introduction of these technologies and the buyout of the major petroleum companies, coupled with worldwide cooperation and a new humanitarian goal that provides abundance and prosperity (and health care and a pollution-free environment) for ALL.

Sounds too good to be true?  So did Jules Verne when he predicted that men would land on the moon or when sailors insisted that the world was flat.  The question is . . . how much would you be willing to change to ensure the survival of our planet and your descendants without forcing them to inherit runaway global warming, spent nuclear fuel and many other horrors which have been kept from public knowledge?

No, I don’t speak specifically of NESARA, but when it is finally announced it will help tremendously in making this new future a reality.  If you can’t do it for yourself, do it for your children and their children and their children.

Now you have something new to think about.  All reasonable questions answered.

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