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I’ll be the first to write about my family experience.

I’m Thomas Richard Bailey, born September 1st, 1959 in San Diego California.

I lived with my parents in San Diego for a short time after which we moved to Salt Lake City. We lived in a house on the East Bench, on 17th East near 11th south where there are streets named Princeton and Harvard. Our family at the time consisted of me, my older brother Michael and my parents. Next in line was Joanna, then Lynn, followed by Laurel, John and last but hardly least; Nancy.

When I was about 13 we moved from Salt Lake to Pleasant Grove, down south in Utah County where I attended a private school for a time. We lived there as a family until my parents began a divorce. I lived between them during the next few years and eventually settled on my own initially in Pleasant Grove then later in Sandy, Murray and eventually out of state in Portland, Oregon where I live now.

Living here in Portland I met and married Jeannette E Hammond. Our marriage ended in 1991, just after the birth of our son Ethan. After our divorce and an unsettling time that followed we were able to set aside differences and have been co-parents of Ethan since then.

Ethan recently (June 2007) graduated from a Vancouver Washington High School. Ethan is now 18 years old and living in the Portland area.I am currently living in Southeast Portland, Oregon. I own and operate this, and two other web sites on a private server.

Thomas R Bailey


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